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1.  Confidentiality.  This is the single most important factor for attorneys in their career search.  Counsel Search goes to great lengths to ensure our candidates confidentiality.  Counsel Search does not reveal your information to anyone until you have authorized us to do so.  

2.  Describe your history fully and accurately.  Communicate clearly.  This is very important when working with recruiters.  You should have a strong level of trust in and full communication with your recruiter.  This trust and communication allows your recruiter to quickly target potential firms that meet your career goals.  A lack of communication and trust only wastes your time and the recruiter's time.

3.  Keep all information learned from a recruiter confidential.  A recruiter's business is information and in-depth market knowledge.  If a recruiter tells you about a firm that is looking for a specific type of attorney, that information is confidential and proprietary, as is other information a recruiter has developed in the course of doing business.  The attorney should not contact a recruiter's clients directly or ask another recruiter to do this. 

4.  Be flexible and open to other career options.  The perfect opportunity may not exist.  It may make sense to consider a wider range of options in order to advance your career in the right direction.  

5.  Avoid window shopping.  Collecting unwanted offers is like crying wolf.  When an attorney really does not want to make a move, they will will have lost credibility with the recruiter and the firm.  Firms that made offers previously will be less likely to reactivate them.

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